$1 Hat Subscription Exclusive Opportunity!

     First off we would just like to say hello! We are a company based in California trying to bring everyone the most fashionable aesthetic clothing, bad vibes or good vibes, we got you covered. Feel free to checkout our reviews from customers if you want to see how our products look on them before seeing how they will look on you! Even though you'll look better in it either way!  

     So why are we giving this opportunity? We are giving this opportunity to those who would like to try out our items for the first time even if they do not have the budget! We offer your first order of the subscription to be just a dollar, in hopes you like what we send you and order more from us! Overall it's a win win situation for both of us! The hat you will receiving will be our most sold hat in store and after you will have the opportunity if you wish to continue, to get other accessories and items.

     In detail this subscription let's you change your orders, or if you wish to just keep your hat you can cancel any other orders, or if you want to get other accessories you can continue to let the subscription run which is why we send you an email as soon as you order to fix your orders accordingly. Just a reminder, you will not be refunded if you wish to cancel after you have been charged, especially since we will ship out as soon as you order and we give you the chance to change your order dates. If you chose to order more than one, you will have to pay for more than one subscription. We recommend to read the terms of service for payment details to ensure you agree with them. We want this opportunity to be available for as most people possible!

This is what we are as whole. Giving opportunities to you in hopes we can see you again in the future.