Affiliate Program

Welcome to Bad Vibe Aesthetic's Affiliate Program! Taking part of this program is for the committed and motivated who would like to make some cash on the side and make even more with products sold on the site! You have the potential of making any amount of money you want from $10 - $500+ every week! Here's the breakdown.

To begin with the program you're going to want to buy the Affiliate Package from our site for $25, after purchased you'll receive two codes to the email that was used for the purchase. Here's what each code does:

First Code: This code is used to save $5 for the affiliate package, and to whom ever is the owner to the code, they will receive $10. Lets say for example, if you promote this program, get 10 people to the affiliate package page, and have all 10 buy using YOUR code, you'll receive $100. They save $5 and you make $10.

Second Code: This code is used to help shoppers save 15% off any purchases made on any items on the site. In return you'll receive the 15% they saved. For example, if someone was to buy $100 worth of items on the site and used your code to save 15% ($15), you'll receive that amount if purchased.

You will be getting paid through PayPal for your security and ours, so be sure the email you used is also the one for your PayPal's.

The time is now to make some extra cash. If your motivated the chances of you succeeding in at least one sale is nearly without a doubt possible. Once purchased, there is NO monthly / yearly renewal fee. So feel free to take as long as you want, and make as much as you want, without stress of reaching a renewal fee.

Buy The Package Here: Affiliate Package