FAQ: Aesthetics Promoter Package Service

To Start Off, What Do We Promote?
Since customization is later on down the road until you've generated enough sales (read below), we will produce a page specially for you to promote which has clothes already on there to promote and sell. The clothes that will be provided will be best sellers, so you shouldn't have too hard of a time!


When Do We Charge?
We will not charge you in full unless you make enough sales to exceed that amount of the cost of the plan you decided on. For example, if you start with Premium you will only be charged $0.99, but once you make more than the subscription amount of $24.99, you will be charged that amount and afterwards you will receive your earnings through PayPal.


Why Do We Still Charge?:
We charge to verify that your account is able to carry and be charged the sufficient amount of funds to cover the following months. On top of this, it allows us to be certain that you are not partaking in any fraudulent acts such as credit card fraud.


When Do We Start Customizing Our Clothes?
Once you've generated enough sales to renew the membership in full, we will begin. This is so we know those who are worth working with and who will actually put in the effort. We spend a lot of time and effort on each piece, so doing it for everyone wouldn't be fair to those who worked the hardest for it.


What If I Don't Make Enough Sales?:
If you don't make enough, and it's been a month, you will only be charged that $$0.99 again until you either make enough or you decide to cancel!


There will be no refunds granted to those who are charged. The reason for this strict policy is due to others in the past who have used our services for their own and solo benefit. Once we start and proceed with payouts, a refund ends up being decided and they take what they were charge along with the sale's money we helped them earn. 


Can We Cancel?

You will be able to cancel anytime before the date your membership renews. You can request to cancel through our email badvibeaesthetics@gmail.com or contact us through any outlet of social media. All requests sent before the date charged will be canceled.