Growing Your Own Page

Become a Partner and Grow Your Page!

Here we are going to teach you just how you will be able to grow your own pageget any free item, and at the same time make some money if you wish by getting people to join through our affiliate program.

Before you make your decision on joining, we have provided information from both sections on the program! We hope you will be able to join us!

Some things we talk about in the first section of videos:

Hashtags and Likes: Show what hashtags we use / how to chose yours and how to scale to get more likes.

Theme / Niche: Choosing a theme / how to / where to go to set this up with examples.

Apps: What apps to use to build a page.

Professional Look: Description, bio, hashtag placement, theme of colors / look, and profile picture.

Bond / DMs: Building a true following with your audience, dm each follower a little message for the best engagement in the future!

Fastest Way to Grow: All techniques combined plus explaining flaws and how to fix them!

Some things we talk about in the second section of videos:

Basic Break Down: Main explanation. How to drive followers from other pages to you, why, and what to do once they have followed you in order to generate a referral.

Setup: Sign up and set up your account, and explaining how we don't want anyone to cheat the system.

Why your page is important: Show example of a good page vs bad page. From bio, pictures, posts, theme, descriptions. Shows you how to be professional and not some random page on Instagram.

Script: Messages to send that will improve your chances in getting people to join.

Bond / Dm: Build a bond and see if you're followers are interested, and then we teach you what to do if they are, regardless if they join or not.

Automation: What to use that takes care of everything for you, from following, unfollowing, likes, comments, dming, all you have to do is just respond to messages.

Automate Unfollowing: How to unfollow people without doing anything!

 Note that we are going to delivering a new video every 7 days (week), try it out now!