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Congratulations! If you are seeing this page then that means you've been invited to get our special hoodie for free (just help with a very small shipping cost)! As long as you promise to promote it when you receive it, you will get it! We hope you can help us!

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 (You will be delivered a code where you will be updated every 7 days who uses it if they do! When used you'll be given a bonus item!)


S       94cm/37.0"   46cm/18.1"   64cm/25.2"  65cm/25.6"

M       98cm/38.6"   46cm/18.1"   64cm/25.2"  66cm/26.0"

 L       102cm/40.2"  47cmm/18.5"  65cm/25.6"  67cm/26.8"

XL      106cm/41.7"  47cmm/18.5"  65cm/25.6"  68cm/26.8"