Promoter's Products

     Welcome to our official website and Instagram page! So, we suspect you're here to become a promoter so you can create your own design's on shirts, get paid for selling them, and as a bonus get free / discounted items every month correct? Well for today only, we're going to let new promoters join us for only $5 ! New promoters can chose between a Rose Hat or a Wednesday Addam's Pin (only chose one hat or one pin please) as their first month's item! Whichever one, you can get it below! 💫🌹

     Instructions on how to create your design easily with no experience, payment, as well as how to submit it to us will be provided in an email that will be sent right after you have joined! Help will be provided for you 24/7. Once you begin, you will get items every month to claim through your email where you can choose your size, and colors if available. If you have any questions about this, message us back on Instagram!